Gas carburizing

At gas carburizing units the C-level is measured and controlled. Knowing the carrier gas used, this one can be calculated from the oxygen partial pressure.

The C-level is defined as the percentage weight change of a foil of pure iron which for a sufficient time was subjected to a carburizing atmosphere during operating conditions.

C-level measuring and control

Program / multiple regulator as an installation option complete with connection to an external sensor. It is possible to connect an extractive sensor or inline sensor depending on the application involved.

Program controller for temperature and C-level for 10 freely programmable recipes each equipped with 20 segments

Sauerstoffmessgerät mit Messsensor

Diffusion calculation (Software)

Attributes: Recipe management, processing data administration, logging

Language: English

The effect on the batch caused by the running of the recipe is of great importance when processing within gas carbonising plants. In this case, the temperature and C-level are mathematically linked to the processing time and the material analysis. The penetration level process in the carbon is then displayed.


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